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Hofner Shorty - Series

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Hofner Shorty - Series

Hofner Shorty - Red-1
Hofner Shorty - Red-4
Hofner Shorty - Series
Hofner Shorty - Series
Hofner Shorty - Red-2
Hofner Shorty - Red-3
Hofner Shorty - Red-6
Hofner Shorty - Red-7

The Hofner Shorty was first produced back in the 1980s and Hofner continue to offer this compact travel guitar for those guitarists who can't bear to be without a guitar even when on holiday! The Hofner Shorty offers full scale length combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken anywhere. It fits easily into the overhead locker on most aircraft for example. The compact size also makes it perfect for lounging on your couch and noodling on the Shorty!

Including a Hofner gigbag.

Red, black or blue colour options.

Changing the strings on a Shorty guitar. It is necessary to remove the bridge to change the strings. Completely slacken all strings and remove from the tuners. Slacken the 2 large bridge retaining screws, pull back the bridge and lift it out. The old strings can now be removed and new strings attached to the underside of the bridge. Replace the bridge and gently tighten the 2 screws. The new strings can now be wound onto the appropriate tuners.