The Paesold Workshops


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Violins & Violas

Always a busy area, the master craftsmen in the violin & viola workshop, create the most beautiful instruments, quietly working on each one until it is perfect.

Violin & Viola Workshop

The luthiers use traditional skills handed down from generation to generation.

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Light and airy, the bow workshop is surprisingly spacious, a peaceful place to be as the master bow makers work quietly creating some of the best bows in the world. 

Bow Workshop

All Paesold bows are handcrafted using traditional methods of workmanship, part of our 170-year heritage.

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Cellos & Double Basses

With a view out over the fields and the forest this is perfect workshop to carefully create the stunning range of Paesold cellos and double basses. 

Cello and Double Bass Workshop

You could be forgiven for thinking you had travelled back 100 years when you see this workshop. We use our skills learned from 170 years of heritage.

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Our lacquering workshop creates and mixes its own lacquers and spirit varnishes, using our own secret recipes. This is how we obtain such wonderful looking stringed instruments.

Lacquering Workshop

Each instrument is carefully finished using a process that has not changed for centuries. We create a superb depth of colour letting the natural features of the tonewood to stand out.

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