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Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst

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Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst

Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-1
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-2
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-3
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-4
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-5
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-6
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-7
Verythin Bass - CT - Sunburst-8

Inspired by the original Hofner Verithin bass from the 1960s the new Hofner Contemporary version of the Verythin Bass offers you an archtop bass with vintage look and sound at an affordable price. The short scale of 30" makes this electric bass guitar easy to play and handle while the centre block gives modern deep bass sounds and helps to eliminate feedback. Fitted with original Hofner 'Staple-Top' pick-ups, tone and volume controls. Available in antique brown-sunburst (SB), just like shown in the picture gallery.

The video shows the HCT-500/7 in an earlier version. Same sound, different sunburst!