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H500/18 Bass

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H500/18 Bass

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German Flag Handmade in Germany

The Höfner 500/18 bass is inspired by large hollow bodied slimline basses that Höfner produced in the 1950s and 1960s.

The 17 inch slimline body, with spruce top and flame maple back and sides, is fully hollow, no centre block is used, in order to produce the distinctive deep resonation tone that this type of bass guitar is famous for. Plugged in this bass delivers a deep thunderous sound that is likely to make eveything in the room vibrate, pictures to fall off the wall and the windows to rattle. Playing this bass makes a statement about you, your style and the sound you prefer. It's a big, classic bass with a big classic sound.

The neck is short scale, 30 inch, as is usual with Höfner basses, which together with the lightweight hollow body makes for very comfortable playing well into the night. No shoulder or back strain here. 

It is fitted with a pair of Höfner "Staple" 510B humbucking pickups, famously used on the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass, as these deliver, in our opinion, the best possible sound for this type of bass. The gloss finish in Höfner Brunette, is subtle yet rich, a glowing burst just like the basses from yesteryear. Further information for the technically minded is on the specification tab.

It is handmade in Germany in our workshops, where we produce high quality beautiful instruments in the traditional way, as we have done for years and years. 

Includes a Höfner deluxe case.