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Classic series HF18

349,70 € 349,70 € 349.7 EUR

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Artikelnummer: HF18

349,70 €

Classic series HF18

Classic series HF18-1
Classic series HF18-2
Classic series HF18-3
Classic series HF18-4
Classic series HF18-5
Classic series HF18-6
Classic series HF18-7
Classic series HF18-8

Flag  Handmade in Germany

This beautiful Höfner classical guitar has a laurel body with a highly figured grain. The spruce top provides both, definition and powerful sound projection. All the inlays and the bridge are crafted from high-grade tonewoods. This classical guitar also has high-quality cast brass machine heads. Wood, being a natural product, can produce a different appearance in each and every guitar, thereby giving each owner a distinctive and unique instrument. The play of colours can range from nearly black over chocolate to a deep and lustrous gold. 

The stunning looks of the HF18 are matched equally by its full and vibrant sound. The guitar is finished in high-gloss, and the top can be in either a satin or gloss finish.

HF18 Soundcloud Listen to a sound sample