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Verythin CT 'Special' Red

388,88 € 388,88 € 388.88 EUR

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Artikelnummer: HCT-VTH-SP-R

388,88 €

Verythin CT 'Special' Red

Verythin CT 'Special' Red-1
Verythin CT 'Special' Red-2
Verythin CT 'Special' Red-3

The new Verythin CT Special guitar blends vintage style with modern design elements. Most noticeable are the 'batwing' sound holes, a classic Höfner design from the 1960s, giving this guitar the distinctive Höfner retro look. Inside you will find a solid spruce centre block for modern sounds with better sustain. We've fitted the Special with a pair of new Höfner 'Vintage Voice' humbuckers that deliver a broad tonal range making this an extremely versatile guitar, everything from blues through to biting rock. The neck uses our 'Slendaneck' Höfner profile, developed in the 60s and still very comfortable today, letting you get the best out the instrument. Available in 'brunette' sunburst (SB) or transparent red (R).