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Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl

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Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl

Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-1
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-2
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-3
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-4
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-5
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-6
Violin Bass "Berlin" - Madrone Burl-7

German Flag Handmade in Germany

500/1 Violin Bass with a natural top and Madrone-Burl back and sides. This very special wood looks absolutely stunning when lacquered and is perfect on the Violin Bass. Perfectly crafted, it will provide years of service while delivering the famous Höfner bass tone.

The "Berlin" version features twin standard spaced "Höfner Staple" pickups. It comes in a luxury Höfner case.

Gold Label instruments are small runs or even single pieces with special finishes, colours or components. They are specially prepared and finished by our master luthiers in the workshops of Höfner in Hagenau, Germany. Each piece comes with a Gold Label certificate of authenticity.