Meister Philosophie

Paesold Philosophy The Masters
There is no mystery about what makes one instru­ment model more expensive than another, if you look closely at the ingredients that go into its construction. Each instrument model Paesold creates involves a carefully thought out and executed set of standards that are both measurable and obvious to the finished work. These key ingredients include varnish, wood quality, and skill level of the craftsman. 
Paesold Philosophy Varnish
Master Violinmakers from the Paesold Company have concentrated their efforts in the research of violin varnish. Aided by years of knowledge in the art of violin making, they have through experimen­tation and acoustic research developed new varnishes which are used on Paesold instruments. Paesold masters have also developed varnishing techniques that are used to produce the ”antique” finish found on Paesold’s historic models. 
Paesold Philosophy

Wood Quality
Part of the violinmaker’s art involves the ability to judge the acoustic potential of each piece of wood to be used for an instrument. In this step the maker considers such things as density and grain spacing as he grades wood for each model. Each piece of graded wood (A to AAA+) is then left to naturally air dry for the appropriate number of years, the best woods being allowed the longest drying time. Grading of the maple for each model is of particular importance because the wood must not only possess the appropriate physical properties for each model, but the desired amount of figuring. This figuring or flaming is a phenomenon that occurs in a very small percentage of maple, especially with in the intensity that is desired for the finest instruments. Wood worthy of an AAA rating and above is a very rare commodity, especially when you consider the patience and expense involved in allowing it the additional years of drying. 

Paesold Philosophy Craftsmanship
In the German tradition of apprenticeship training, most of Paesold’s craftsmen have achieved the degree of either Violinmaker or Master Violinmaker. These titles are the achievement of a rigorous training process that takes 4 and 7 years respectively to successfully complete. All work on the student and intermediate models is carefully supervised by these craftsmen, while the professional models are the sole creation of a single Master Violinmaker.



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